“Samuel McCullough Was a Mullato Man”

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Everett Fly, distinguished guest and speaker at the Esperanza Center was the first speaker for the Westside Community and Preservation Speaker Series. This series will explore community history and historic preservation in communities of color.

Mr. Fly is a licensed professional landscape architect. He is an architect and a historian. Mr. Fly is currently a fellow of the American Society of Landscape Architects. For years Mr. Fly has taken interest in the history of those not represented in the books and narratives that we see now in schools and communities. His talk was titled “Historic African-American Communities in San Antonio” and hit the nail on the head in terms of understanding that our current views are quite a bit flawed.



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  1. I’m really glad you brought up Mr. Everette Fly. Listening to the work that he has done in the SA community and what he is doing to reclaim the African-American History in San Antonio is phenomenal. It is truly inspiring and reminds that there are still unheard histories so there is much work to be done!

    1. That is exactly what I was thinking with this. Mr Fly has a great understanding of architecture and landscapes and his work will only further his expertise.

  2. Geremy,
    I did not get to hear Mr. Fly at the Esperanza Center but I did enjoy hearing him speak at the Texas history symposium. I specially enjoyed learning about the San Antonio African American Community Archive and Museum. I learned a lot about the community and their ranch brands here in Bexar County. I hope to go and visit the museum sometime and would love to go with anyone from the class who is interested.

    1. He really is a great speaker in my perspective. He did have quite an observant and engaged audience. I think talking about these topics is important for sure!

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