St. Mary’s School of Law- A History, is a timeline dedicated to detailing important events in the history of St. Mary’s University School of Law. The timeline spans the entire history of the law school and begins with the establishment of the San Antonio School of Law, which would later become St. Mary’s School of Law. It includes the tenures of the deans of the law school as well as the addition of new facilities and programs for the law school.

We chose items based on the impact they had on the history of St. Mary’s Law School. Each dean had their own goals for the law school that they worked hard to accomplish and their achievements are documented in this timeline. Throughout its history St. Mary’s University School of Law has done its best to educate and enrich its students and give them every opportunity to succeed. Interacting with the materials in the timeline will allow you to explore the history of St. Mary’s School of Law at the touch of a button.