The Westside San Antonio Humanities Project began as a faculty-student research initiative during the 2020/2021 academic year to uncover aspects of the Westside San Antonio’s history and culture. With funds from the O’Connor Chair in the History of Hispanic Texas and the Southwest, and in collaboration with the History Department’s Public History Program, and the Department of Communications Studies, this multidisciplinary humanities project highlights aspects of the rich history and culture of San Antonio’s Westside.  Known historically as Barrio Laredo (18th century), Laredito (19th century), the Latin Quarter (early 20th century), and now the Westside, this predominantly Mexican American section of the city has grown dramatically during the last two centuries but few know of its rich history and culture. Whenever possible, given these Covid times, project teams collaborated with community partners. In order to ensure broad dissemination of the research, the project also developed this website, which will continue to encourage and publish Westside San Antonio research rendered in public history and digital humanities formats.  


Menchaca Map – San Antonio de Bexar, 1764
Source: https://txpan.txstate.edu/Projects/History-of-the-Witte-Memorial-Museum/1719-Acequia-Madre/Menchaca-Map.html


Bird’s Eye View of San Antonio 1873


Project Directors: