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My name is Norbert Geremy Landin, but I usually go by Geremy! I am way too excited about this unexpected Master in Public History program and the future that is to come because of this program. I had no plan on going to St. Mary’s for my masters degree much less in Public History but as I walked along the empty summer halls at St. Mary’s, I was invited to take a look at the program, and here I am a few weeks later.

The goal here is to attain this degree and the knowledge to succeed while working with the City of San Antonio or in organizations like the San Antonio Fiesta Commission on large scale projects and events as well as building a network and relationship with the people that are in these fields and do these things already. I am hopeful that the public history program will help me with these goals for sure!

Papel picado is also known as perforated paper; it is used to decorate the city and homes during Fiesta inside and outside buildings
Fiesta Papel Picado

Lately I’ve reflected on the ideas that brought me closer to believing that I could achieve something in a program like public history and I couldn’t think of a better example than the short film/documentary that I was tasked to complete for Dr. Teresa Van Hoy’s Civilizations course. That documentary was the first time I felt like I had complete freedom of creativity and decision making in a course of that magnitude. Now I’m here in the place where I belong; learning alongside people of different backgrounds and understandings of history.

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  1. It must be exciting already having accomplished such a project like Dr. Van Hoy’s, especially one that allowed you to mix academics and creativity. I think this program will provide more opportunities for work that satisfies both of those aspects. I appreciate that you want to work towards building relationships and working with the community. It wasn’t until I moved to San Antonio and saw the involvement that people have with the community that I began to understand the importance of organizations like San Antonio Fiesta Commission. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Definitely! I have loved the aspects of creativity that are being brought into this field. Even just the diversity in the program from historians to teachers to librarians. Public history has a leaf on many branches, if not all. Interesting to see how we will bring different perspectives and introspective into the classroom and the community.

    1. Thank you! I am excited to broaden my scope of interest with the Public History program. There is so much I didn’t have any understanding of that even just a few weeks in, I see a difference in my way of thinking of events and programs and museums. That is a big part of why I joined and will continue to stay engaged. We see these places all over this beautiful city and visit them and engage with them but know nothing about them. We [the community] know, in many cases, nothing more than what we heard from family. We don’t even know who is responsible for teaching us these things and for someone like me, I feel like it’s my responsibility as a connected individual to bring these topics to life. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens!

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