Back to the future…or the past?

Greetings friends, classmates and anyone and everyone who stumbles upon my humble first blog post!  This photo below serves as a great example of my pursuit of the study of history.  At this point, I bet you are wondering how that photo got taken.  Before you start lecturing, no, I did not take this while driving!  The story is much more interesting and fun!

Road to the past or the future?
Speeding into the past…or the future?

It all started with a trip back home from Port Aransas. My wife and I were returning from a relaxing beach trip in 2013 on Labor Day weekend.  As we were leaving Port A ready for the long drive home, my attention was drawn to a Delorean gassing up at the convenience store.  For anyone who is a fan of the Back to the Future movie trilogy, you know how rare it is to see an actual Delorean with the doors up and parked.   The driver had a smile from ear to ear and was taking pictures with a couple with the doors wide open.  I leaned over to my wife and asked her to pull over so we could get gas and also maybe get a picture with the Delorean.

Missed opportunities and second chances

Now my wife was not feeling well and was ready to get home so she declined to stop and we continued on down the road. We have all had an experience where we were really excited about something and then in the blink of an eye you miss an opportunity. With my study of history, it has mostly been walking into a book store and finding the perfect book to read and then reluctantly setting it down before exiting the store promising to come back later and buy the book.

As we continued to drive into the distance toward home all I could think was that I would never get an opportunity like that again. How often do you see a great opportunity and let it pass by or in this case drive right past it?  For the next hour or so, I wondered how many years it would be before I got another opportunity to see a Delorean.

You know the  point when you are making a long drive back home and all you can hear is radio station static? That’s the point at which I looked into the passenger side mirror to see a car coming in pretty fast. Yep, you guessed it. It was the Delorean. (I’ll tell you how fast it was going later…) At this point I knew this was my moment. As the Delorean sped up, I asked my wife to follow suit beside the car so I could get the perfect picture. I snapped about five photos from my phone, some were blurry but this one photo above captured it perfectly.

Now you are  probably wondering what this has to do with a public history blog. Surprise! I tricked you into reading about history in your spare time. (Muahaha!) When it comes to hearing or telling stories, I’ve often noticed that there are missed opportunities and second chances.  This blog will take the opportunity to share a few stories and online resources that just might spark your curiosity and give you a second chance at learning and loving history. I promise not to make you memorize any dates and there will not be a quiz! Yet…

Telling your story or writing your story? 

So often, I have heard friends tell me how they have thought history was boring but I’ve also noticed something else. If you ask enough good questions, you will find someone’s passion and realize what stories they are interested in. We all tell stories, we just don’t always realize which stories are most important to us and why.  What is your story? Do you know it? Do you actively write the story of your life or do you tend to let others write it for you? How will the story of your life be told by your grandchildren and future descendants?

For as long as I can remember I have always had a passion and interest in history. I’m sure there are points in your life where you can remember an opportunity that passed you by. This blog intends to capture some of those moments and tell or highlight some stories along the way that need telling. I hope that this blog challenges and engages you to think about history in a different way and find your interest whether it’s in a museum, a park, a book, an online resource or maybe even just a phone call to your abuela or meemaw.

Join the ride. Jump in the Delorean! 

Thank you for taking the time to read my first post and know that along the way it will be a wild ride with some ups and downs and maybe an occasional lead foot to catch you up to speed on some stories that you may have missed out on. I promise to try to make it fun and engaging.  I will spend some time sharing my critical thoughts on the past while occasionally using technology to share a new perspective on history.  Some of my favorite topics for potential future blog posts include, San Antonio history, Texas history, Marianist history, history podcasts and maybe even reviewing a book or two in the future.

Please leave a comment about your personal interest in history below and maybe that will help me find some fun topics to write about. If you could jump into a Delorean right now, what era and location of history would you go to and why?

Also, please share this first post on social media so I can get a few new readers and comments!

3 Replies to “Back to the future…or the past?”

  1. What an interesting photo and anecdote! The popularity of the Delorean is actually a really fascinating topic in and of itself, as by all means, its reception during its time was anything but stellar. It was called heavy, obtuse, and sadly unreliable. And yet? The sentimental value of the Delorean by far outweighs the utility of the thing itself. “Back to the Future” made what was a market failure into a statement of nerd culture, and I think that really speaks to what the media can do to artifacts. The way that we revere an item determines its value and place in our culture. The Mona Lisa is just another painting, buts its fame and celebrity makes it a world renowned artifact.

    To answer your question, if I could hop in a Delorean right now, I would go to London in 1988 to see Michael Jackson at his best, in concert. Thanks for the intriguing question!

  2. Such an interesting creation. Very quickly, Latino History and I would go back to about 1995. Looking back, I feel like it was a very pivotal time in my life. A time in my life im convinced changed me as a person. As for the post. Super creative! Not gonna lie though, I was kinda thinking you were gonna say you met Tony Parker (He has a Delorean). Really loved the reference to letting opportunities pass you by, or rather not letting things pass you by. This rings so true to life in so many ways. As a kid this was always a problem for me, something that as an adult I’ve tried to avoid. Heres to new days and success ahead and that we all finish this program the same way we started!!!!

  3. Welcome, we’re looking forward to seeing the great things you accomplish with us here!

    My five-year-old has been obsessed with time travel, and wondering why kids can’t time travel. I’d go back to Gold Rush San Francisco, just to see what it was like.

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