*Highlighted Names of Faculty represent individuals who appear in photos or are named in different sources (Rattler, Barrister, Diamondback, etc.). Little information is available on them.

Faculty of Founding Law School | Ernest Raba: A Personal History, Page 10

Late 1920-1930s

Judge John H. Bickett Jr. – Member and one-time President of the San Antonio Bar Association (1927-1929)

  • Proposed the idea of the law school along with student Fred Zalmanzig.

Henry B. Dielmann – Dean of Law School and Professor of Law (1928/29 – 1939).

  • Courses: Advanced Corporations, Partnership, and Constitutional Law

Clifford M. Forster – Professor of Law (1928/29-1934)

  • Courses: Federal Procedure and Personal Property

Dixon Gulley – Professor of Law (1928/29-30s))

  • Courses: Real Property, Wills and Estates, Equity, and Criminal Law

Arley V. Knight – Professor of Law (1928/29-1930s)

  • Courses: Pleading and Practice

Leslie G. Merrem – Professor of Law / Moot Court Judge (1928/29 – 1950s)

  • Courses: Contracts, Torts, Federal Procedure, Evidence, Personal Property, Agency and Partnership, Corporation, and Pleading and Practice (1st to 3rd Year Courses; both Day and Night)

Lucian L. Morrison – Professor of Law (1928/29 – 39)

  • Courses: Torts, Oil and Gas

W. F. Nowlin – Professor of Law (1931-1935)

  • Courses: Contracts

John D. Wheeler – Faculty (1930s-60s)

E. S. J. Whitehead – Professor of Law (1932-late 1930s)

  • Courses: Criminal Law

C. O. Wolfe – Professor of Law (1928/29-1939)

  • Courses: Agency, Bailments, Carriers, Bills and Notes

Judge M. E. Buckley – Professor of Law (1934-1939)

  • Courses: Legal Ethics and Federal Procedure

Judge Raymond Gerhardt – Professor of Law (1934-1950s)

  • Courses: Sales Bankruptcy, Oil and Gas (Taught most courses from 1934-1944)

Clem Maurer – Alumni and 1st President of St. Mary’s Law School Student Council (1937-1940)

  • The Student Council was renamed The Barrister Club in 1944 and chartered as the Student Senate in 1975.

Ernest A. Raba – St. Mary’s Alumni, Professor, and Dean of Law School (1934-1978)

  • Courses: Agency, Personal Property, Sales, and Conflict of Laws

Judge Frank X. Vance – Professor of Law (1938-late 1940s)

  • Courses: Federal Procedure

A. N. Moursund – Dean of Law School (1927-1938)

Judge Sidney J. Brooks Sr. – Board of Admission of St. Mary’s Law School (1935)

  • Along with Judge John H. Bickett Jr. and A. N. Moursund, Brooks constituted the Board of Admissions.

Dr. (Brother) Daniel J. Rabit S. M. – Alumni, 1st Law School Librarian/Professor of Economics (1934-1936, Returned as Professor in 1940, Law Class of 1944)

Brother John Schmidt – 2nd Law School Librarian (1936-1940)

  • He kept the law school library open from Mornings to Evenings.

Thomas Treadaway – University Registrar (1938-60s)

  • Helped during the evening division of the law school at 112 College St.


Brother Paul Roesner – 3rdLaw School Librarian (1940 – 1948)

  • Was appointed as law librarian by President Reverend Walter F. Golatka

Briggs Irvin – Professor of Law (1940)

  • Courses: Law 335 “Oil and Gas”

Leroy Jeffers – Professor of Law (1940)

  • Courses: Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure

Reverend Alfred H. Rabe – Professor of Law (1940)

  • Courses: Jurisprudence and Legal Ethics

Russell Talbott – Professor of Law (1940)

  • Courses: Law 153 “Torts”

J. Duffan Caldwell – Professor of Law (1946)

  • Courses: Domestic Relations

Karl Strieber – Professor of Law (1946)

  • Courses: Workman’s Compensation

Judge Archie S. Brown – Alumni and Professor (1946-60s)

  • Courses: Conflicts of Laws for Day Classes and First-Year Criminal Law

Warren P. McKenny – Professor of Law (1948 – August 1955)

  • Faculty Moderator of Delta Phi, legal fraternity
  • Courses: Criminal Law

Paul E. Casseb – St. Mary’s Law School Alumni, Barrister Founder, and Professor of Law (1946-1950)

  • Casseb was among the first founders of the Barrister Club (Barrister News)
  • Courses/Specialties: International Law, Banking, Corporation, Tax and Land Law, and Constitutional Law

Frances Sawyer Henke – 4th Law School Librarian / 1st Female in Position (1948-1963)

  • Considered the first professional law school librarian.


Carlos C. Cadena – Professor of Law (1952-1954 and 1961-65)

  • Formulated the guiding philosophy of the School of Law.
  • Courses: Property

J. Bruce Aycock – Professor of Law (1953-1957)

  • Courses: Trusts (Night School)

Dan Henke – Professor of Law (1954)

  • Courses: Equity

James N. Castleberry – Dean and Professor of Law School (1955-80s)

  • Founding member of Phi Delta Phi Tarlton Inn

James V. Mondin – Alumni/Professor of Law (1954/55)

  • Courses: Business Law

Orville C. Walker – Professor of Law (1955)

  • Courses: Not Mentioned

James S. Godwin – Professor of Law (1955)

  • Courses: Not Mentioned

Kenneth Farnsworth – Professor of Law (1955-1957)

  • Courses: Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure

Clayton Thompson – Alumni and Professor of Law (1956)

  • Courses: Business Law

Judge James R. Norvell – Professor of Law (1956-1970s)

  • Courses: Procedure (Appellate Procedure), Practice Court (Trial Advocacy)

*Glenn B. Lacy – Alumni/Professor of Law (1957)

*Homer Penn – Alumni/Professor of Law (1957/1958)

Fred P. Woodley – Alumni/Professor of Law (1951-1958)

  • Courses: Federal Taxation (Specialty in Taxation)

*Joel W. Westbrook – Professor of Law (1957-60s)

Clifford Davis – Professor of Law (1954)

  • Courses: Law Appellate Procedure

*Julius Grossenbacher – Alumni and Professor of Law (1958)

  • Courses: Not mentioned

*Patrick Legan – Alumni/Professor of Law (1958)

Dr. Arthur Yao – Professor of Law (1958)

  • Courses: Property, Contracts, Equity, Trusts and Future Interests, and Conflicts of Law

*Judge Charles Grace – Alumni/Faculty (1958/1961)


Charles E. Cantu – Alumni/Professor of Law (1963-70s)

  • Courses: Torts, Contracts, Laws and Society

John L. Bacon – Law Faculty (1961)

Leo Brewer – Law Faculty (1961)

Steven Gaspar – Law Faculty (1961)

*Frank J. Greene – Law Faculty (1961)

*Jack Hebdon – Law Faculty (1961)

*Edwin P. Horner – Law Faculty (1961)

*Stanley Schoenbaum – Law Faculty (1961)

Caroll H. Sierk – Alumni/Professor of Law (1953-1960s)

  • Courses: Business Law

*Jack Guenther – Law Faculty (1960s)

*Clyde E. Johnson – Alumni/Law Faculty (1960s)

William R. Lozano – Professor of Law (1960s)

  • Courses: Property I

Alfred Joseph Coco – 5th Law School Librarian (1963-1966) and Alumni

  • Replaced Frances Sawyer Henke

*Richard Woods – Law Faculty (1963)

*Edward P. Fahey – Alumni/Law Faculty (1960s)

George E. Glos – Professor of Law (1964-1970s)

  • Courses: Property and Philosophy of Law

Judge Charles W. Barrow – Professor of Law (1966)

  • Courses: Nigh Division Classes in Procedure I

*Lionel Fuller – Law Faculty (1966)

*Edward Penshorn – Alumni/Law Faculty (1966)

Joe (Joseph) E. Anderson – Professor of Law (1965-1968)

  • Courses/Specialty: (Public Law Field) Damages, Eminent Domain, and Evidence
  • 1st-year classes as Full-time professor (Constitutional Law, Torts, and Evidence)

Paul F. Ferguson – 6th Law School Librarian (from 1966-May 1981)

  • Replaced Alfred Joseph Coco

Charles Kerr – Professor of Law (1968)

  • Courses: Federal Tax, Sales, Bills and Notes, and Corporations

Aloysius A. Leopold – Alumni/Professor of Law (1967/68)

  • Courses: Property, Marital Community, and Preparation of Legal Documents