Welcome to the St. Mary’s School of Law – A History. Founded in 1934, the School of Law grew in conjunction with St. Mary’s University, a liberal arts college that today serves a predominantly Latino student body. The St. Mary’s School of Law is a leading institution accredited by the American Bar Association and stands as the sole Catholic Law School in Texas.

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This website aims to collect and share resources related to the school’s history and includes biographies of significant alumni and faculty who have contributed to the school’s longevity and success. The site also includes an interactive timeline that chronicles the triumphs and tribulations of this historic institution.

This project was made possible with the generous support of Deans Patricia Roberts, Steven Sheppard, and Interim Dean Vincent Johnson. Students Shine Trabucco, Danielle Garza, Geremy Landin, John Cadena, Erica Esparza, Victoria Villasenor, Glory Turnbull, Antonio Coffee, Carly Bagley, Cristal Mendez, Gwyn Hartung, Santos Mencio, Barbara Ortiz, Hector Martinez, Kitty Chen, and Terry Pohl have contributed to the content of this site under the supervision of Dr. Lindsey Wieck and Gerald Poyo.