Project Launchpad


In our Latino Community Development Project, we work to recover the history and promote historical awareness of the critically important role Latino community development initiatives have played in the economic mobility of Latin American origin ethnic groups in the United States since the 1960s.

In our Rattlers Remember project, St. Mary’s students have been collecting stories about the history of campus spaces and how our faculty, staff, and students have experienced these sites. Rattlers Remember brings together these stories with images, oral histories, and other primary stories to showcase the history of St. Mary’s.

In 2020-2021, Introduction to Public History classes set out to preserve the stories of our campus community during the pandemic in this Cover Your Fangs archive & exhibit project. In these exhibits, you’ll find examples of the struggles faced by our campus community as well as the ways that students, faculty, and staff persevered in the face of these challenges.

Our Westside Humanities Projects site features collaborative multidisciplinary research by St. Mary’s faculty and students with community members.

On this Histories of St. Mary’s School of Law site, graduate fellows have collected resources, developed biographies of deans and prominent alumni, created oral histories, and provided interpretative histories of our Law School.

The San Antonio StoryScapes website includes projects created by our students in partnership with the Office of Historic Preservation ScoutSA team.

Based on the City’s database of historic sites, including landmarks and districts, and their own original research, the students produce place-based projects that address gaps in the historic record.